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Cardgames's book - Jupiter



Book of card tricks magic box. Create amazing experiences with the magic box! Explore a world of mystery and learn the magical secrets of fascinating card tricks!

This Magic Box is a real treasure chest full of possibilities, it will help you discover the joy and the wonderful science of magic with the help of card tricks!

Inside the box you'll find descriptions of 30 amazing card tricks, and not just one, but two decks of cards to easily charm your audience. In an instant, ordinary card decks can be transformed into a stage for amazing stunts, and you can become the master of magic!

A special gift is waiting for you in the box, as magician Kecsa has also included 3 trick descriptions so you can conjure up even more magic for your audience. But the real surprise is hidden in the special cards! With these cards you can perform up to 90-100 tricks if you add a little creativity. You'll also be able to invent new tricks yourself, with the help of the special cards. The magic is guaranteed!

With the Card Tricks book, anyone will be able to master incredible card tricks and surprise their friends with this dizzying magic.

With this box, everyone who wants to learn will be part of a world of wonder.


The magic box will be delivered with Hungarian or German subtitles but the contents come with Hungarian instructions. On request we can also send you instructions in German.

Contents of the box:

1 instruction manual.

1 seminar dvd (demonstration and explanation of tricks) + extra stunts

3 trick descriptions for the special cards by magician Kecsa

1 pack of normal cards (foil wrapped)

1 pack of cards with special cards (not always foiled)

Sometimes the packs are not foiled, but are separated into packs of tricks. This type of packaging is used when time permits.


A Christmas edition is also available for purchase during the holidays. This is available from September until January. If required, a Magic Christmas ribbon will be added. The price is +500 Ft-


Original Price Information
Original Price Information The Original Price is Valid from 2022.09.11.

Cardgames's book

  • 9,990 Ft

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